#orange10 notes

I’m finding that I have little time to edit the notes I took at #orange10.  So I’ve decided to just throw them up on my blog as they are: raw and uncut.

Here are my notes from “Effective Communication” with Doug Fields.

belief of communication: message without a method = MESS
if we don’t pay attention to our audience we can’t communicate effectively

Question: What makes a message effective.
Aristotle: ethos- speaker, pathos- audience, logos- message itself. we need to focus on all 3
speaker character, audience care, message competence (do you understand what you are saying.
Key principle “the audience is sovereign”

questions audience ask:
ethos- can i trust you
pathos- do you care about me
logos- do you know what your”e talking about.
“good communication is well prepared”

making messages STICK:
S – study
T -think
I- illustrate
C- construct
K- keep focused

Study: same time & place, always be collecting resources, skim & identify, organize.
Think: you can’t rush communication. you must plan ahead. “listening with my heart”. The earlier you study, the more time you have
reflect with God.

Illustrate: this is not the meat of your message, but it makes it better. Colossians 4:6. Types of illustrations: testimonies, drama, interviews, video clips, songs, humor, stories

Construct: “How do you organize your material?” make it inductive not deductive. Inductive communication reels them in to the message. Keep it simple: me-you-God-you-we. The you is the power of application, “what are you going to do about it”. how to apply the message to life. “How much of a message should be application?” majority of it. change your points to verbs, which represent actions. *keep focused- reduce the words you use, keep it simple; trim your background material; tighten your intro, transitions and conclusion, what is your connection when telling a story, “did you open the window so they could see Jesus”.

Ecclesiastes 12:9-11 (nlt)

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