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Guest Post: Mary Polivick

Do you have people in your life who can articulate certain experiences better then you can?  Well, I do and that person is my wife.  This is the first of many guest posts you will read from Mary.  Give her some feedback to let her know what you are thinking.

A day of cleaning up and demo work at a home in Nashville is a big reminder to not get to attached to your dresser, or your flooring, or your TV, or any other material item.  Even those expensive new kitchen cabinets could be out by the road in a heap of trash.  Makes you think how invaluable all our valuables are.

Short list of good time and money investments:

  • God
  • Friends
  • Family

I guess whoever said “the best things in life aren’t things” knew what they were talking about.

What experiences have you had that have made you rethink you perspectives?

#orange10 notes

I’m finding that I have little time to edit the notes I took at #orange10.  So I’ve decided to just throw them up on my blog as they are: raw and uncut.

Here are my notes from “Effective Communication” with Doug Fields.

belief of communication: message without a method = MESS
if we don’t pay attention to our audience we can’t communicate effectively

Question: What makes a message effective.
Aristotle: ethos- speaker, pathos- audience, logos- message itself. we need to focus on all 3
speaker character, audience care, message competence (do you understand what you are saying.
Key principle “the audience is sovereign”

questions audience ask:
ethos- can i trust you
pathos- do you care about me
logos- do you know what your”e talking about.
“good communication is well prepared”

making messages STICK:
S – study
T -think
I- illustrate
C- construct
K- keep focused

Study: same time & place, always be collecting resources, skim & identify, organize.
Think: you can’t rush communication. you must plan ahead. “listening with my heart”. The earlier you study, the more time you have
reflect with God.

Illustrate: this is not the meat of your message, but it makes it better. Colossians 4:6. Types of illustrations: testimonies, drama, interviews, video clips, songs, humor, stories

Construct: “How do you organize your material?” make it inductive not deductive. Inductive communication reels them in to the message. Keep it simple: me-you-God-you-we. The you is the power of application, “what are you going to do about it”. how to apply the message to life. “How much of a message should be application?” majority of it. change your points to verbs, which represent actions. *keep focused- reduce the words you use, keep it simple; trim your background material; tighten your intro, transitions and conclusion, what is your connection when telling a story, “did you open the window so they could see Jesus”.

Ecclesiastes 12:9-11 (nlt)

#Orange10 notes: Session 1

It’s my second year at Orange, and it’ starting off with some serious mind blowing stuff.

Mark Batterson was up first with Reggie Joiner.  Mark was talking about his new book Primal.  Haven’t read it, but sounds interesting.  His main focus was that God gave us our imaginations, so we should use it to reach people and make the message memorable.  One thing he said that grabbed me was that telling your spouse you love them is great, but telling them the same way each time doesn’t create much passion.  They may even not believe you after awhile.  The same holds true in ministry.  Yes we continue to share God’s love and the Gospel, but we find new ways to do that.  Mark made the comment that there are ways to do ministry that haven’t even been tried/discovered yet.  I think this is easy to forget.  There are so many great Children’s Ministry programs out there that’s it’s easy to think it has all been done.  But that’s not true.  If we continue to use our imaginations and let our left brain do the work (Mark’s point), we will come up with new ways of reaching kids.  Remember that everything is an experiment.  When you fail you actual succeed, because you learned that that way didn’t work (Mark’s point, again).  I’ll finish by leaving Mark’s formula: change of pace + change of place = a new perspective.

family blog

I am not a complete newbie when it comes to blogging.  If your interested in learning more about our family check out my other blog @  Great videos of butterfly life cycle my daughter did last year.

orange ’09

This was my first trip to the orange conference and it was amazing.  The music, the comedy, the focus, and the amount of information was exciting and overwhelming.  The main thing I took away from this years conference was how to create a way for our kids and their small group leaders to connect relationally.

It was great to talk with and learn from so many different people.  It’s cool to think of how many people are focused on making church relevant to families.