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“Dad, Tommy just threw mash potatoes on my head!”

This is definitely not what your average supper table looks like.

With all the stuff that we do on an average day; practices, recitals, homework; it’s a miracle we set down together at all.  But when we do what happens?  We get focused on getting the kids to eat their brussel sprouts or drink their milk.

But what if we could use dinner time to connect with each other and have fun.  I recently bought “Family Time Fun Dinner Games” and have discovered that it is actually fun. The suggested games are easy and require little to no prep.  It makes our time at the table more enjoyable and we get to see the creative and humorous side of our kids we sometimes miss in the daily hustle and bustle of life.

My favorite is where we go through the alphabet and name animals starting with each letter.  The great thing about the game is you just pull out a card or two and you’ve got entertainment for the rest of supper.

You can find them @ Amazon and other places online.

How do you fight the stress of dinner time?