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The insight of a 6 year old

So, I got an ipod touch a few weeks ago.  Started lusting after one a few months ago after playing with my buddy’s ipod touch.  Anyway, I recently downloaded the listomni app to use as a grocery list and to do list.  Stopped by the grocery store after picking my 6 year old up from school today, of course I used my itouch as the grocery list.  After our short shopping trip, we got back in the van.  I was jotting down a couple notes in my itouch for the items I bought.  As I’m typing in the notes, I hear my daughter saying in the backseat, “Dad, it takes you longer to write a grocery list on you’re ipod then it would if you were at home and using paper.  Are you sure you’re not just playing with your ipod”.  Then she starts making jokes about how she needs to pee real bad and I’m just playing with my ipod. 

As a parent do you ever feel like your kids are smarter than you are?  I’ve been telling my wife that my new ipod touch is a “productivity tool”, but really, who am I kidding.  Yes, I always have my grocery list with me; yes, I always have my to do list on hand; yes, I have immediate access to my google docs.  But if I am being completely honest, I thought the ipod touch was just cool and I wanted one.