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“This Is What Cool Looks Like”

cool shirt

This is one of my favorite shirts.  It was a gift from my sister (she gets me the most awesome shirts).

I have recently become an Apple user and I really like them.  My mac, my ipod touch, iphone, ipad.  Okay, I don’t actually have the last 2, but I still think they are cool.  And I’ve been thinking about how cool they are and how cool they would make me.

But then I got thinking about God.  Does he really want me to be that cool?  Well, I’m starting to think he doesn’t.  Because if he did, wouldn’t he find a way to get me an iphone or ipad?  I mean, I really want them (God, I’d be happy with either).

But I guess in God’s infinite wisdom he has yet to declare that Kevin Swartz really needs a new toy.

What do you feel like you want that you’re not getting?